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8,888 luxury residences built on Ethereum

Join our exclusive community of 8,888 elite digital mansions in the KEYS Metaverse.

  • Prerna

    Crystal - Level 3
  • Meta Mansion

    Savannah - Level 2
  • Kalissa

    Mountain - Level 1
  • Nour

    Forest - Level 2
  • Xi Feng

    Ice - Level 3
  • Aether

    Island - Level 2
  • Asante

    Jungle - Level 1
  • Nour

    Forest - Level 1
  • Mamba Court

    Island - Level 3
  • Asante

    Jungle - Level 2
  • Prerna

    Crystal - Level 1
  • Meta Mansion

    Savannah - Level 3
  • Asante

    Jungle - Level 3
  • Azul

    Desert - Level 1
  • Prerna

    Crystal - Level 2
Biome Mutations

The meta mansions



Level I

The perfect unison of peace and freedom, converging to create the most heavenly biome in the KEYS Metaverse. But a mysterious phenomenon suddenly arises, radically transforming life for Island residents.

Level II

Delicate coral growths, starfish, seaweed, and other marine life begin to form in the surrounding environment.

Level III

The environment becomes overgrown by giant coral growths, starfish, and barnacles. Visible bioluminescence brings life to the shoreline as electric mermaids reveal themselves in the water and surrounding environment.

  • Level I

    Level 1
  • Level II

    Level 2
  • Level III

    Level 3

The Meta Mansions roadmap


The Meta Mansions Blueprint is designed around merging your NFT experience with both the physical and digital world.

KEYS Token Launch

  • KEYS Token successfully launches on Nov. 18 2021
  • Onboard world-class development team
  • Initiate global marketing efforts
  • KEYCard V1 NFT sells out in 32 seconds on Dec. 28 2021

Meta Mansions Launch

  • Onboard Unreal Engine 5 Meta Developers
  • Partner with Veliz Arquitecto as Lead Designer
  • Finalize Biome and Map Development
  • KEYS Metaverse initiation with Genius Ventures Inc.
  • Meta Mansions Website Launch
  • Tier 1 Whitelist (Mamba) Mint opens on March 18 2022 @ 10AM PDT (6PM UTC)
  • Tier 2 Whitelist (Whale) Mint opens on March 18 2022 @ 2PM PDT (10PM UTC)
  • Tier 3 Whitelist (Stacker) Mint opens on March 18 2022 @ 5PM PDT (1AM UTC)
  • Reveal of Meta Mansions
  • 444 ETH Giveaway
  • Announcement of Phase 2 Process
  • Phase 2 Airdrop Completed on July 18th, 2022

KEYS Metaverse Launch

  • Single Player Experience Alpha Launch with one Mansion in one Biome
  • Development of all mansions in all biomes
  • Monetize your Meta Mansion through product placement, rentals, special events, showrooms, and much more!
  • Multi-player experience alpha launch
  • 2.5D Parcel Map Development
  • Commercial Zone 1 Mint
  • Metaverse Creator Tools Release
  • Full KEYS Metaverse experience
The Team


CEO & Co-founder Nima Ghassemi

From building mansions in real life to creating the largest real estate network on instagram with the @Houses network, Meta Mansions is the convergence of passion, creativity, and belief in the new era of virtual real estate, web3 and decentralization. It's a special time to be alive and create the future of human interaction.